Teme Valley Tote: The new series starts in April

Why is it important to the Churches?

It is a fairly painless way to raise money for the Churches. The series ending in March 2018 will have raised £3,120 (£3,235 in 2016/17) for the Churches and will have paid out £1,200 to 36 lucky subscribers.

How does it work?

Anyone is able to subscribe. We encourage new subscribers and old subscribers wishing to increase their stake. You pay £10 per ticket and for this you are entered in a draw each month (that’s 83p per draw) for 12 months (April to March). The monthly prizes are £50, £30 and £20. A number of people have multiple tickets (in several cases, 10 each!). What usually happens is that someone buys a ticket or several for each of their family members.

How is the money collected?

In each of the areas involved, there are Local Co-ordinators who collect and consolidate the subscriptions. If you wish to take part and you have not been approached by your Co-ordinator by the end of March, you should contact them or Robin Dean, the Tote Organiser (01886 853 295 or robin.c.dean@gmail.com). If you would like to assist in the collections, please contact your local Co-ordinator, they will welcome your assistance.

The local Co-ordinators are as follows:

Eastham Celia Adams
Knighton Sheila Hardiman and Duane Hubbard
Lindridge Mary Walker
Pensax Val Grainger
Stanford Alexandra Winnington
Stockton Sandra Jabbett
Stoke Bliss and Kyre Margaret Yarnold

Standing Orders

A number of people in the past have set up standing orders (either on paper or via the internet) – you are encouraged to do this. Those who have existing standing orders need do nothing further – Robin will contact you should there be any problem with the payment. Standing order forms are available from here. Alternatively, Robin can supply you with paper copies or e-mail you the form. You can also use the account details on the form to set up a payment electronically.


If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Robin Dean on 01886 853 295 or at robin.c.dean@gmail.com.

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