Rejoice! in January

Our first Rejoice! church gathering marked the feast of the baptism of Christ. We had the opportunity to create the scene, tell the story together through percussion music, dance and exploring together different pictures of the baptism from across the centuries. There was plenty of singing and we also passed the peace of God to one another by lighting candles, one to another, just as dusk approached – watching the light gradually fill Lindridge Village Hall accompanied by greetings of ‘peace be with you’ was a blessing in itself, particularly given the intention that came with it.

Please come and join in the next gathering, which will be at Knighton Parish Rooms, on Sunday, February 10th, at 3pm. We shall be reflecting together on the Bible stories set in the desert, and we are hoping to have our own small part of the desert as part of the setting. Come and see.

Louise Grace

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