Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was a bit different in Teme Valley North this year. To begin with our Communion was held not in St. Michael’s at Knighton but, due to the awful weather, in the Village Hall at Eardiston. Despite this we had a really moving Service, made rather more unusual by the addition of a short playlet and tableaux of the Easter story. This had been written, in modern language and directed, by the Reverend Eva McIntyre, the Vicar of Stourport, who has been running a very absorbing Lent course.

The main point was that it gave new perspectives of the Easter story from the point of view of the main participants, Judas, Pilate and his wife Procula, Herod, Caiaphas and of course Jesus himself.

As you can see from the picture, it included costume; of sorts!!!

Peter Morgan


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