Pensax Parish Communion – 21st July

It was a Parish Communion with a difference at Pensax on Sunday 21st July.

The Rev’d Eva McIntyre and her Forum Theatre team presented two short dramatisations related to topics affecting those of us who live in the countryside.

One of the dramatisations was then repeated and the congregation was encouraged to stop the action and take on the role of one of the characters to change the course of the drama, which several people chose to do. The result was to change the course of events from something that started out as being negative into something with a much more positive outcome.

It made us all think about how the smallest interventions and offers of kind words and deeds can make an enormous difference to the outcome of a situation.

What is Forum Theatre?

Forum Theatre is designed first to develop a conventional play that reflects the local experience of a chosen issue and culminates in an unresolved problem or crisis. This play is then performed. After observing the play a first time, the play is performed again and the audience is offered the opportunity to stop the action and attempt to change the course of the dramatic outcome by their intervention, suggesting and exploring alternative possibilities for each character in the play, looking at choices and motivations.

Vickie Melling

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