St Lawrence Churchyard – Managing Bio-diversity

Our churchyard maintenance team works hard to encourage bio-diversity at St Lawrence by letting wildflowers and meadow grasses grow, which in turn provide a haven for wildlife. The flowers and grasses are harvested in the autumn after they have set seed for next year.

Paths and areas around new graves are kept mown, and we are grateful to all those who regularly tend family graves in the churchyard.

Please drop by to enjoy the profusion of the meadow grasses and to find peace amidst the wildflowers.

Many thanks to the team who took the pictures below between June and August this year which show off the range of flora and fauna which can be found in the churchyard. The team were particularly pleased to find an Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar this year; it feeds on bedstraws which have been specifically encouraged.

If you’re interested in “managing for nature”, helpers are always welcome. Contact the webmaster at in the first instance.

St Lawrence Church Committee

These pictures are best viewed in full-screen by clicking on the flickr-arrows icon in the bottom right hand corner of the image frame once you have started the slideshow. Once you have done this, you can get some identification information overlaid by clicking inside an image.

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