September’s Rejoice!

This month we met at Lindridge Parish Hall for our monthly Rejoice! gathering. The theme was Jesus the Storyteller and we plan to continue the theme at a future Rejoice!

We focused on the parable of the Good Shepherd and there were activities such as making sheep (out of marzipan) and sowing seeds; the seeds representing the seeds of faith that Jesus wants us to sow in other people’s hearts. There was also a collage, where everyone was invited to select a picture or write some words to describe what Jesus meant to them. This is something that we will return to in future gatherings.

Our next meeting is at Knighton on the 13th October where we will be looking at the story of Ruth, so please do come and join us.

We are also asking all who come along to bring some item that can be used for weaving. It could be wool, ribbon fabric strips from home, or it could be grasses, grain stalks, flowers and stems from the garden – anything that can be used to weave. Come and see what we can create with all the different materials that are brought along.

Vickie Melling

sheep 1 copy   sheep 2 copy

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