Harvest at St Lawrence

Once every first Sunday of the month we meet to celebrate Holy Communion. Once every year, in the Autumn, we hold a Harvest Thanksgiving Service, but only once in a lifetime are we offered in Baptism ourselves. And for little Fletcher, Philippa Ball’s grandson, “This was the day the Lord had made for us to rejoice and be glad in it”. With Jason and the choir, Fletcher’s family and parishioners, it was a very special day to remember. We wish the family well as they prepare for Australia.

The glorious Autumn weather held for the following day when the whole school, staff, pupils and parents filled the Church once again for the school Harvest Festival. This was beautifully presented by the children themselves with members of the St Lawrence Club carrying the Harvest Loaf they had made, leading us in prayer. The older children of Kite Class shared with us their project “How to feed the world”. Taking the congregation to represent the world’s population, they gave us the percentage of those who would go to sleep well fed, those who could not sleep for hunger and those who would die that night: food for thought indeed. The Tenbury Food Bank, Maggs Day Centre and St Paul’s Hostel all benefited from our generous contributions of harvest fare and send their grateful thanks.

Betty Andersson

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