October’s Harvest Rejoice!

We gathered at Knighton’s Parish Room for this month’s Rejoice! to celebrate the harvest season, by exploring the story of Ruth from the Old Testament together. A group of our children acted out the story splendidly, during which two widows, Ruth and Naomi, through love, loyalty, courage and cleverness manage to secure a future for one another.

We enjoyed activities around the story such as making a collage with foodstuffs, grinding grains to make flour, adding to our big tree painting, this time with autumn leaves, and weaving, whilst giving thanks for special family members. We also dedicated our prayer time to remembering those around the world who are struggling to find food, before planting garlic bulbs to tend and provide for our own family meals at harvest next year.

Come and join us for the next Rejoice! at Pensax Village Hall, on 10th November at 3pm, when we shall be learning about Queen Esther from the Old Testament, and using that to remember those who give themselves for peace in the midst of conflict.

Louise Grace

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