Rejoice! in Remembrance

The November Rejoice! service fell on Remembrance Sunday. We gathered in Pensax Village Hall, where we explored different aspects of this most special of days. There was a short film of veterans in Worcestershire sharing their experience. There were displays of wartime memorabilia and documents, as well as biographies of wartime heros. There were also beautiful giant poppies and elegant doves of peace to make, whilst also playing with pictures that helped us appreciate perspective and viewpoint.

After we had enjoyed all of this, whilst chatting to one another about what we were discovering and reflecting upon, we came together for songs and prayers, and a puppet show of an Old Testament story about Queen Esther, who through her courage and audacity saved her Jewish people from violence and conflict. This made us reflect further on difference in others, our response to that, and also how to respond to violence in others.

Finally we passed the peace to by throwing a big ball of wool one to another, holding on to the wool as we greeted one another in peace. The end result was not only a sharing of the peace but through the web of wool which joined us together we had a visible reminder that we are all of us interconnected.

We hope that you may be able to join us for future Rejoice! services. This is a place and time to explore faith together, build community and enjoy ourselves. From December onwards, we shall be permanently based at Lindridge Parish Hall in Eardiston. Our 8th of December service (3pm start) will have a festive theme. We would love to see you then, and on into the new year.

Louise Grace


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