February’s Rejoice!

On Sunday 9th February we enjoyed our Rejoice! gathering at our now regular venue of Lindridge Parish Hall.

The focus of this month’s Rejoice! was “Jesus the Healer”. We started with contemplation through quiet discussion activities, one of which built on a previous session based around “Jesus the Storyteller”, and drama. The drama showed how friends of a sick man, who could not walk, lowered him through the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching to a position right at the feet of Jesus. Jesus ordered the sick man to stand up, which the man did – he was healed! The crowd watched and cheered.

After the time of contemplation, we came together to sing and watch the drama, and to share our thoughts.

We finished by writing down our prayer requests, placing them on a prayer board for continued prayer over the coming weeks and months, and to complete our worship we anointed each other with oil.

Vickie Melling

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