Memories of Eardiston

Janet Faraday contacted me recently via the website.  Janet grew up at The Moor Farm in Eardiston between 1940 and 1957, the daughter of John and Eve Price. Her father was Farm Manager there until 1957 when he retired to Drunkard’s Ease in Dumbleton Lane, after the Eardiston Estate was broken up and sold.

Janet has many memories of the area and is keen to share them with folk who either remember those days or who are just interested in what things were like in the recent past, and she has been sharing some of them with Stephanie Mocroft.

She wrote the following poem as from the Lowe Bank:

Above Eardiston

After a summer’s day by which to measure all,
I looked down on the valley spread at ease;
Poplar crowns had lost their golden gleam and
Hops and fields were garlanded in river mist:
Beyond the darkening orchard slopes, the spire
Of Lindridge church took reassuring watch.

A barn owl drifted down the hawthorn hedge,
As soundless as low water on the distant weir;
Among the bramble sprays small snails appeared;
Moths clung and flickered palely in the grass.
I could have floated homewards on the dusk,
Pillowed on scents of may and meadowsweet,

Certain that morning would break warm and fair;
Sure that the present could not ever change.

If anyone is interested in getting in touch with Janet, please contact me at

Chris Melling

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