Celebrating the work of the Flower Ladies of Lindridge

Occasionally the “Flower Ladies” are asked to decorate St Lawrence Church for a wedding. As Graham teaches at Lindridge School and Donna’s Mother would be travelling from Scotland and her sister from Australia, we gladly accepted their request.

It just so happened that their wedding coincided with the week of the Chelsea Flower Show, which inspired us to follow a professional approach to the staging, the choice of flowers, the care and attention to detail, aiming of course for a Gold Medal! Our brief was to keep it simple and countrified — what a gift in May-time when the hedgerows along our country lanes are awash with the delicate white flowers of Cow Parsley, and May blossom transforms each field boundary.

The Whitsontide Boss was heavy with snowballs of Viburnum, white lilac had never bloomed so profusely, arching sprays of Solomon’s Seal for once had not been stripped by caterpillars, and Red Campion with deep blue Granny’s Bonnets of Columbine ran riot in the wilderness of my garden.

For the ‘rustic look’ we filled small baskets with posies of spring flowers to deck the window sills. Buckets of Cow Parsley were hidden in old fashioned wicker shopping baskets placed on the floor, and pedestals full of Cow Parsley with white silk roses (left over from a previous wedding) were placed either side of the altar complementing the creamy white altar frontal hanging. Even the candles were decorated with bracelets of tiny white flowers. The font was transformed into a living fountain of white and green, and spring flowers decorated the porch to welcome the bride.

We all worked hard during the week, gathering, soaking, arranging flowers, carrying water and foliage up those steps! But all agreed it was a labour of love and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Betty Andersson

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