St Lawrence Club, Summer Term 2015

This weekly lunchtime club is held at Lindridge, St Lawrence C of E Primary School.

We’ve had a busy year to date, celebrating many different occasions with song, dance, praise, creative prayers, craft activities and games.

We heard the story ‘Jesus The Vine’ and reflected on the message the story gave; that by staying close to Jesus we too will produce wonderful fruit like love, kindness and helpfulness. We enjoyed sowing seeds and planting our own bulbs to care for and watch grow.

We made our own ‘Floral Cross’. The cross is a symbol of Jesus’ death, but Jesus did not stay on the cross; he rose again, and so it is also a symbol of our new life in him. The children wrote a short prayer on their flowers thanking Jesus for his amazing love, and the younger children drew happy faces!

We talked about pilgrimage and were treated to a fascinating session with Carol, reflecting on a recent trip to the Holy Land. We looked through photographs and postcards of families, their homes and communities, which we compared to our own here in the U.K. We talked about the places of religious significance like Bethlehem, which perches on a hill at the edge of the Judaean desert, with its mix of cultures. The Dead Sea; the ancient Hebrews called this ‘body of water’ the Sea of Salt; so dense that bathers can lie on its surface and read a newspaper!

Finally the children prepared special Prayer Box and Wooden Cross gifts for all year six leavers, as the time came to say farewell. All the children put their own ideas together for a special prayer to be included in each of the boxes.

We look forward to meeting again during the autumn term.

Liz Whitehead
Children’s Worker

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