Tribute to Betty Andersson

Many of you will have seen the following poem on display at Betty’s wake. Written by Betty’s granddaughter, Louise Andersson, it touched many people.

One Lady

One lady and her mother,
Begin the day with a smile,
A bond that can never be broken,
The love between mother and child.

One lady and her father,
Wave farewell as he goes to war,
But farewell is never goodbye,
As one lady will see her father once more.

One lady and her sister,
Play under the late morning sky,
A sister is a friend for life,
Who’ll make you both laugh, and cry.

One lady and her dog,
Go for a walk in the midday sun,
Strolling through the luscious greens,
Saying hello to everyone.

One lady and her husband,
Begin their journey together,
A journey that is not always easy,
But a love that will last forever.

One lady and her children,
Hold hands to cross the road,
Giving them the gift of life,
Is what one lady Bestowed.

One lady and her grandchild,
Are ready for a story and bed,
One lady reads out loud to them,
Putting wonderful words in their heads.

Now It’s time for one lady to go to sleep,
But the moments will still live on,
For she’ll eternally stay within our hearts,
So this lady will never really be gone.

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