Eardiston Footbridge

Do you remember this Bridge?

It spanned the A443 in Eardiston up until the 1960s and connected Eardiston House to the Pleasure Gardens on the opposite side of the road. The locals of the day claimed that Princess Victoria once walked across the bridge to play a game of tennis. Since that day the bridge had fallen into disrepair and was also in the way of new road widening schemes.

After much deliberation, it was purchased by a Dr D.H. Edmundson and transported to Huddington Court just outside Droitwich. It was re-erected as a feature spanning the moat around Huddington Court where it still stands today.

Very recently Mr Edmundson, grandson of the former, also of Huddington Court, contacted TVN about the history of the bridge and as a result, Janet Marks and I were invited to visit the bridge in its new home.

It was a perfect autumn day when we went to Huddington Court, a beautiful 15th Century Manor House surrounded by lovely gardens and a moat, and there, in a new coat of gleaming white paint was Eardiston Bridge.

We couldn’t resist the invitation to walk over the bridge and stand for a while thinking of its history and Janet shared some of her memories of its time in Eardiston.

Below are some of the photos we took.

Do you have any stories of Eardiston bridge or any old photos? We would love to share them, please contact the webmaster who will put you in touch with either Janet or myself.

Dianne Smith

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You can find an article on the history of the footbridge written by Derek Marks here.

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