St Lawrence Clubs, Lindridge CE Primary School

Our weekly lunchtime and after school clubs run each Thursday during term time, and are open to all ages & classes, from Reception through to Year 6.

We’ve had a busy year, celebrating many different occasions, enjoying stories, games, song, dance, praise, creative prayer and craft activities. This term we have been learning British Sign Language through song and prayer, which has been thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We explored many topics, including “All of God’s People in the Community.” Not only those in our church congregations but outside the church walls to people in our local community and beyond. As well as celebrating today’s Saints; those who care for us and shape our lives; i.e. families, teachers, doctors, nurses, and the emergency services, we talked about some unusual occupations such as “Pet Food Tasters” and “Water-slide Testers!” There are some great jobs out there we didn’t know existed! We considered those in our local communities whose work often goes unrecognised, such as those at home caring for loved ones.

The children were introduced to the meaning of the Eucharist and Communion Services in church, when we remember the events of the Passover Supper. The children had fun taking part in a ‘special communion’ with Reverend Sallie, where we acted out the last meal that Jesus had with his disciples, and learnt about the chalice and paten and what they are used for.

Special thanks go to all of our volunteers for their help and support at both lunch time and after school clubs.

We look forward to meeting once again during the autumn term.

Liz Whitehead, ALM Children’s Worker & Reverend Sallie Butcher

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