Teme Valley Tote – New Series starts in April

All surplus from the Tote goes to the Churches in Teme Valley North and Teme Valley South – last year this amounted to over £3,000.

A new series starts in April and we will be collecting your subscriptions in March.

Each ticket costs £10 and enters you in each of the twelve months’ draw. There are three prizes each month (£50, £30 and £20). You are able to have as many tickets as you wish. Often people buy a ticket for each member of their family.

Your local Teme Valley North co-ordinators are:

For Knighton – Sheila Hardiman and Duane Hubbard
For Lindridge – Mary Walker
For Pensax – Val Grainger
For Stockton – Sandra Jabbett

A number of people pay by Standing Order – if you are one, we will check that your payment is received and will only come back to you if there is a problem.

If you are not already a subscriber, please contact your local co-ordinator.

If you have any queries about the Tote, please contact Robin Dean (Tote Organiser) on 01886 853 295 or at robin.c.dean@gmail.com.

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