Teme Valley Tote starts again

A new series starts in April and we will be collecting your subscriptions in March.

All surplus from the Tote goes to the Churches in Teme Valley North and Teme Valley South – last year this amounted to over £3,000.

Each ticket costs £10 and enters you into each of the twelve months’ draw. There are three prizes each month (£50, £30 and £20). You are able to have as many tickets as you wish. Often people buy a ticket for each member of their family.

Your local Teme Valley North Co-ordinators are:
For Knighton — Duane Hubbard
For Lindridge — Mary Walker
For Pensax — Val Grainger
For Stockton — Sandra Jabbett

Your local Co-ordinators will welcome people to assist them in collecting – please contact them if you can help.

A number of people pay by Standing Order – if you are one, we will check that your payment is received and will only come back to you if there is a problem. We have Standing Order forms if you wish to pay in this way – it is also possible to pay by Bank Giro Credit if you have Internet Banking.

If you are not already a subscriber, please contact your local Co-ordinator as we welcome new subscribers.

If you have any queries about the Tote, please contact Robin Dean (Tote Organiser) on 01886 853 295 or e-mail at robin.c.dean@gmail.com.

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