World Day of Prayer 2020

Held at St. Michael’s Church, Little Witley

Theme: “Rise! Take your mat and walk”
Prepared by Christian women of Zimbabwe

Here in St Michael’s church we participated in a very moving service – one small part of a great wave of prayer which encircled the globe on 6th March 2020. The first service took part as the sun rose over Samoa and ended some 36 hours later back in the Pacific as the sun set over American Samoa.

Each year the service is written by a different country – this year Zimbabwe.

Our own service was largely coordinated by Eleanor Baber and led by Marjorie Workman with the help of and participation by many from 4RIVERS CHURCHES. We were invited to reflect upon the challenges facing Zimbabweans as they seek love, peace and reconciliation and look at how this can affect our attitudes towards each other and our own communities, all highly relevant at this time.

Vickie Melling dealt with the technical side of setting up a screen showing some amazing pictures of the country and art of Zimbabwe. We were fortunate in having Christopher Carter playing the piano for the hymns.

There were lots of objects and pictures on display, all provided by the congregation. These represented the country and its people – flags, musical instruments, crafts, indigenous food and so on.

In the reading, Jesus asks the man, “Do you want to be made well?” We were invited to reflect on this – what does it mean to experience God’s love and healing, to “Stand up, take your mat and walk”? Where in our lives and communities do we hear Jesus’ life-changing question: “Do you want to be made well?” What can we all commit to in order to make the world and our community a better place?

The prayers and hymns were inspirational and the whole service was enjoyed by a large congregation.

The photos show the interior of St Michael’s church with some of the things on display.

Gail Hayward
Churchwarden, St Michael Little Witley

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