June’s Teme Valley Tote Winners

June’s Draw (The third draw in this series)

June’s prize draw of the Tote was decided when Rev’d Julia Curtis rolled the dice on 3rd June to select the set of random numbers and the starting point. As a result, the prize winners are as follows:

The £50 winner is Willie Austin of Lindridge (Draw no 195)
The £30 winner is Julian Turner of Pensax (Draw no 338)
The £20 winner is Val Patrick of Stoke Bliss (Draw no 775)

A number of people in Knighton have not been entered because their subscriptions were not collected – if you wish to take part from 1st October to 31st March – the subscription will be £5 – please contact Duane or Robin if you wish to join.

If you have not already joined, and wish to – please contact Robin Dean on 01886 853 295 or at robin.c.dean@gmail.com, or your local co-ordinator.

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