The Tenbury Pharmacy Prescription Collection Group

The group is now working well alongside the Surgery, Chemist and the Churches Support Network to deliver prescriptions as effectively as possible.

It is a volunteer group and not just for those in isolation, and is available to anyone with prescriptions to submit/collect.

Our aim is to keep people at home as much as possible to protect the NHS, the public and the pharmacy staff, and to get prescriptions to where they are needed.

Call/facebook message/text Becky Evans on 07507 304670 with the name, address and payment status for the prescription. (I also need an exemption code if you are exempt from payment so that the pharmacy can process the prescription.)

Please ensure it has been seven working days (two days at the surgery, and five days for processing at the chemist) so that the prescription is ready (unless it’s urgent and then we can deal with that also).

Deliveries will be placed on doorsteps and the door will be knocked. If someone is not home the prescription will not be left. It MUST be handed to a person.

Taken from the Tenbury Advertiser, published 16th April 2020