Message from Louise, September 2013

As September ushers in a change of season, many will be making new starts – to different schools, universities, some to new jobs. There is a definite ‘turning’ feel to this month that perhaps is only matched by the calendar new year bidden by January 1st.

As a church we welcome you to occasions, services and events, some familiar, some new, helping us all reconnect in community. Over the weekend 14th/15th September, there will be a wonderful opportunity to visit your local churches with eyes afresh, enjoy the refreshments provided by local church members and explore the area around the churches through guided/suggested walks. You can find more information here.

Our usual rota of services resumes in September. There is something for everyone, whether it is quiet, intimate services that speak to you (Stockton is ideal for these); formal, traditional language services (Knighton and Lindridge BCP worship provide these), or good, wholehearted singing (Pensax and Lindridge communions are good for these, with Lindridge also providing children’s activities). Not forgetting also that Pensax are holding their annual ‘Songs of Praise’ on the first Sunday of September.

The ‘Songs of Praise’ service at Pensax is the first of a series of services at this church, the first Sunday of each month, each with a different theme. Please see Marjorie’s article here highlighting these.

The return of Rejoice! to its afternoon slot, on the second Sunday of the month, also sees a new theme emerge. We are beginning with a session of exploring how different people, different cultures included, envisage Jesus. In the months that follow, we will be looking at some of the Old Testament heroines – Ruth in October and then Queen Esther in November. If you would like to try less formal and very creative worship, inclusive of all ages, then Rejoice! is for you.

However you seek to reconnect in community this September, may it be a time of fruitfulness, a harvest of the spirit to mirror the harvest going on all around us.

Louise Grace