Z St Lawrence, Lindridge

This is the the third church to be built on the site, the first burnt down and the second slid off of its foundations onto the road below!  Fortunately the present church is stable and has remained in place since being built in 1836.  It is traditional for a church that replaces one that has been burnt down to be called St Lawrence, the patron saint of fire.

Lawrence was a deacon in the church who a ministry in Rome working with Pope Sixtus II. In the year 258 the Emperor ordered Sixtus to be put to death, chained to a gridiron with a fire lit underneath.  Lawrence went forward and put his arm around Sixtus, so that they died together.

The present church, a Victorian Gothic building, was built at the cost of £3000.  Sir William Smith, Bart. of Eardiston House, to whose family there are three memorial windows in the church, gave a large quantity of stone and timber, while the Dean and Chapter of Worcester gave a handsome donation.

Inside the church there is a speak and listen system giving you details of the great history of this magnificent church.

Church services are also assisted by a loop system for those with impaired hearing.